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Hi! I'm George.
Blogger, author and
anxiety coach dedicated
to helping you defeat
anxiety permanently.
All my work, including this site, is devoted to sharing the techniques and wisdom that will help you defeat anxiety for good... 
Who am I? 
An Anxiety Warrior who found the answer in Mindfulness.

For years I suffered of crippling anxiety...

This led me to think of myself as "damaged goods", and I thought there was no solution for me... 

A damaged brain, a messed up life.

I felt this life had nothing more to offer. 

But that was until I discovered techniques that work against anxiety.
And it took me some years and a lot of sweat, blood and tears to discover and adapt the timeless wisdom of Buddhism to anxiety. 

But in the end I defeated it.

I decided then to make this my mission, and to help others fighting the same uphill battle. To give them the guidance I never had.
Ready to end your anxiety?
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Transcending Anxiety.
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